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Covid-19 & Remote Learning Information

Covid-19 & Remote Learning Information (click here).    Are you a parent? Click here for further advice.

Ormiston Meadows Academy

Lexia could not have come at a more poignant time for us as a school. Back in 2020, just as the prospect of home-learning seemed increasingly likely, we recognised that Lexia had the potential to not only support our pupils reading progress in school but also form a core part of our 'remote learning' provision. With Lexia, we are able to have an overview of not only every child's engagement in the program but also their progress; identifying key gaps in knowledge and using the resources provided by Lexia to scaffold interventions.

West Walton Community Primary School

I like Lexia because it sharpens your mind. The comprehension units have really helped me improve on my comprehension tests. Overall, it is very helpful and fun. I really love the animations at the end. I would definitely recommend this to someone else!

Rosewood Primary School

Lexia has been a fantastic resource which has supported our children when returning to the classrooms this academic year.  We have used this as part of our ‘recovery curriculum’ and having implemented it for a term, the reports produced to demonstrate the excellent academic progress the children have made in a very short space of time.

Gamesley Primary School

Lexia is a game changer! Now we are back in lockdown and most children are learning at home, it's reassuring to know that the children are accessing bespoke learning.

The Grange School, Daventry

Lexia is fabulous! We have been using it for such a short time - in the most difficult of circumstances - and it has already been of benefit to us.

We love it and we're now preparing to see how we can use it to good effect in lockdown.

Holycross Catholic Primary School, Sutton Coldfield

I have been teaching for 15 years and I have never been so engaged with a program before because you can really see the impact it is having on our children. Lexia is just the gift that keeps on giving. You do need the time to get your head around the program as there is so much on there but it is all brilliant.

Barcroft Primary School

Pupils at our school have greatly benefitted from the Lexia reading program.  Lexia provides support and challenge which is personalised for each child. Children are able to apply their learning from Lexia in class and enjoy the warm-up games. It has been wonderful to see that the children are so enthusiastic about reading and are making progress whilst enjoying a wide variety of texts. Barcroft Primary School

Lawford Mead Primary & Nursery School

We have been very impressed with the customer service from Lexia. We have always been able to speak to the same representative by telephone or email whenever we have needed support. The two training sessions (by telephone) were extremely helpful and we were advised of exactly how the program worked in a way that was very easy to follow. All queries were welcomed and answered instantly. We would not hesitate to recommend Lexia.

Kyra Research School Pilot, January – June 2020

The Kyra Research School Pilot, involved 8 schools trialling our primary program, Core5, with one also using PowerUp to target secondary age pupils. The data included in the following report has been anonymised and breaks down the measured progress and usage for a varying number of students across participating schools over a six month period.
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St. Osmund’s Middle School

Lexia is an extremely thorough and in-depth program using all the learning tools that are needed to ensure the children have covered online learning and applying the skills to classroom-based activities and in a class of 32 children, it's like having 32 teachers who are fully engaged and personalising the learning for all the children.

The Edward Richardson Primary School

Our pupils have enthusiastically participated in Lexia's engaging personalised reading scheme, both at school and at home and have made good progress.  They have been motivated to learn each of the various skills needed to become fluent readers.

Marshchapel Infant & Grainthorpe Junior Schools

Lexia is what we have been waiting for and now we are “living the reading dream,” as one of my Year 6 students said about the program!

Ellison Boulters Church of England Academy

We have been delighted with the progress made by our pupils and can see the benefit in continuing with whole year groups as well as using it for targeted interventions.

Dunn Street Primary School

"My Year 1 children have really enjoyed accessing Lexia. They look forward to going on this program and have even used it at home in their own time. It differentiates all my children and provides detailed lesson plans for children who are struggling. I would thoroughly recommend this to schools."

The Arnewood School 11-19 Academy, New Milton

"We undertook a trial period of the program and engaged students with below age-related English skills. During the trial, we found that the students engaged well with the program, particularly students who can find learning in the classroom a challenge. Disaffected students engaged well with the program and their progress is evident."

Goodwick School, Pembrokeshire

"If you can imagine all the initiatives, resources and programs that are out there where companies try to put a hard sell on us and then have very little after sale support, you [Lexia] blow them out of the water. Your manner and genuine support mean a lot to us."

Seaham High School, County Durham

"The majority of pupils using PowerUp are making more than expected progress in their reading ages and are becoming more confident readers."

All Saints C of E Infant School, Huthwaite

“The reports are an instant visual for progress from where the children started to where they are now and seeing the visual graphs to show how the children have progressed is really useful."

St John’s Primary School, Newcastle

"I firmly believe that the program helped and supported Year 6 to get the great results which they achieved in all areas of the English related SATs."

Drapers’ Brookside Infant and Junior School

“Lexia is really good as it focuses children on the aspects of reading that they struggle with and breaks that element of reading down in simpler chunks".

Brownlee Primary School

“All the children who use Lexia love it! They are all motivated to come into school and take part in Lexia.”