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The Arnewood School 11-19 Academy, Hamps

Disaffected students engaged well with the program and their progress is evident.

Alison Zebedee, SENCo
The Arnewood School 11-19 Academy, New Milton, Hampshire

“I went to view Lexia at a local school as we were looking for a new intervention. I engaged with the company and participated in two sessions on how the program works and the reports available. The demonstrations were thorough. We undertook a trial period of the program and engaged students with below age-related English skills. During the trial, we found that the students engaged well with the program, particularly students who can find learning in the classroom a challenge. Disaffected students engaged well with the program and their progress is evident. “The students engage well with the program and they enjoy the competitive nature of streaks. Some students who can struggle to maintain focus in class have engaged fully with the program, with some accessing the program at home during the holiday time. One student who began the course in late March has already completed over 35 hours, gained 9 complete levels and is working towards Age Related Expectations. His behaviour and engagement in school have significantly improved. We have developed a Lexia Leader board, and this student is currently in the first place and is very proud of his achievement, as are we. The program is tailored to each individual student and they can be at differing levels in the three strands and has been interesting to view their levels and interpret some of their behaviours due to either their strong word skills, but poor comprehension, thus they have all the words they need, but sometimes do not comprehend when it is time to stop, or simply weak word skills, which means they can find it difficult to select the vocabulary to explain themselves. We have now enrolled with Lexia, based on the content and delivery of the program and because student feedback was they wanted to keep it. A very engaging program, pitched at the correct level for each individual, with support lesson plans for students who are struggling with a particular area and skill builders to consolidate their learning. I would recommend this program for any student with literacy difficulties.”