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Our Mission Statement

We believe that having the ability to read and comprehend is a basic human right. That is why LexiaUK’s mission is to strive for Literacy for All.

By applying 21st Century solutions to an age-old problem, we can break the non-reading cycle of difficulties which has hampered our society for so long.

The Literacy Challenge

Recent figures published by the National Literacy Trust tell us that 18.25% of adults in the UK can be described as having ‘very poor literacy skills’.

This means “they can understand short straightforward texts on familiar topics accurately and independently, and obtain information from everyday sources, but reading information from unfamiliar sources, or on unfamiliar topics, could cause problems. This is also known as being functionally illiterate”.

Sadly, without intervention, these figures could grow. With literacy learning gaps, the earlier intervention is provided, the better.

Our Goal

LexiaUK and Lexia Learning have been working together towards a brighter future for children and young adults for over 25 years.

Our ongoing goal at LexiaUK is to reach as many schools as we can in order to ensure pupils of all ages, abilities and backgrounds are given the opportunities they are entitled to and are able to develop critical reading skills and language skills through individualised, motivating learning paths.

By providing this service, we hope to…

  • Provide access to literacy for all
  • Allow primary-age children to build reading skills
  • And provide secondary school educators with the confidence to improve literacy skills in all students.

Research Proven

Starting with The Journal of Research in Reading in 2006, 19 peer-led research studies have been conducted into the efficacy of Lexia programs in the UK.

Most notably, The Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) published their report in 2021 which awarded Lexia Core5® Reading a ‘high security’ and ‘low cost’ rating.

Learn more about Lexia programs research.

Useful Resources:

Lexia Core5® Reading information pack (PDF)

Learn how LexiaUK and Core5® Reading can help you overcome the educational challenges that traditional methods no longer meet.

Lexia PowerUp® Literacy information pack (PDF)

Educators know that strong literacy skills are a major factor in achieving academic success; discover how PowerUp® Literacy can help age 11+ students requiring catch-up support.