A proven reading skills solution for all ages and abilities!

Closing the Reading Gap

Lexia enables students of all ages and abilities to master essential reading skills. The program can be used as a component of any literacy curriculum, and the needs of both primary and secondary schools can be met, at very little cost, when compared to traditional approaches, which are often difficult to manage.

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An Affordable Solution

Due to its online nature, Lexia consistently provides personalised, explicit practice, reducing the need for teacher-led support. Easily accessed reports inform planning and evidence progression, thus reducing the dependency on paper based tests.

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Research Proven

Lexia's efficacy research has been published six times in peer-reviewed scientific reading journals. In short, Lexia has been proven to close the reading gap and improve the ability of students using the software.

Additionally, our latest mention in the 5th edition of the Dyslexia SpLD Trust's 'What Works...'' publication recommends Lexia for its profound impact on the reading skills of young learners.

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Benefits for Teachers

  • Simple to use and easily managed
  • Adapts to weaker or stronger readers
  • Assists phonics teaching
  • Accelerates at-risk students
  • Supports those at-level
  • Reports evidence progression
  • Informs planning
  • Frees up your time to teach!

Benefits for Students

  • Age appropriate content and graphics
  • Motivates the reluctant learner
  • Students learn independently
  • Works at the pace of the individual
  • Accessible from home
  • Promotes parental involvement
  • Instant feedback is provided on progress
  • Certificates celebrate progress

Benefits for All!

By integrating this technology into your literacy strategy, you will be meeting the needs of far more students than you could ever reach, when relying on paper-based/teacher led approaches alone.

How are these results achieved?

Lexia delivers a highly personalised learning experience where exercises adapt automatically, according to individual need. As students work independently on the software, Lexia’s browser based reporting system instantly provides teachers with real-time data to inform planning and differentiated instruction. This saves time as it reduces the need for time consuming paper based tests. Lexia’s reports identify at-risk students and provide printable resources if additional support is required.  Used as an essential part of any reading curriculum, this research proven, scalable technology can ensure both student and teacher needs are met at very little cost.