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Lexia literacy programs: personalised learning for all

Lexia literacy programs are centred on a personalised learning approach that gives students more control over the time, place, path, and pace of their learning.

To some, the term ’personalised learning’ is simply the incorporation of technology to give students more control over their educational experience. While technology can be a key component of a personalised learning approach, it cannot stand alone.

So what’s Lexia’s take on personalised learning?

Lexia believes personalised learning is a combination of effective, teacher-led instruction combined with an interactive, user-centric experience that supports the varying cognitive abilities of all students.

With Lexia literacy programs, teachers can see detailed, real-time reports that help prioritise and differentiate instruction, allowing students to develop critical reading skills at their own pace.

See our programs in action

Whether you’re a primary, secondary, or all-through school, LexiaUK offers a no-obligation free trial or personalised demonstration.