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The information we collect

We collect certain basic information about you when you visit our website. This cookie notice tells you about the information we collect by means of ‘cookies’ when you use our website.

We may change our notice from time to time to reflect changes to our business, website, data protection law or other legislation.


Our website uses cookies. Cookies are small text files that a website stores on your device to enable that website (or other websites) to ‘remember’ who you are.

We use the cookies to ‘remember’ information so that it can be passed from page to page, to collect website statistics and for online advertising.

Cookies can change from person to person, depending on the device and browser used and whether or not the visitor is signed into other platforms, so what follows is a list of typical cookies set by our website and our understanding of their purpose, based on our own knowledge and publicly available materials. If you want to see the cookies placed on your device by our website, they should be visible through your browser.

How to adjust your browser settings

You can give or withdraw consent to cookies by using the cookie consent banner on the website or adjusting the settings on your browser.

For more information about cookie notices and cookie consent, please see or visit and search for ‘cookies’.

We have listed some browser-specific instructions here for convenience. Please note that there are different browsers and manufacturers upgrade them frequently. The best way to get the right instructions is to go to the manufacturer’s support page.

The following support/privacy pages, for some of the more common browsers, are correct as at 29-Sep-22.

If you have problems with these pages, can’t see individual cookies or want find out more about how cookies are handled within your browser, please go to the manufacturer’s site and search for the browser name and your cookie query.

We’ll tell you about new ways to indicate your consent to cookies as they become available.

You can also use privacy-friendly search engines, privacy-friendly browsers and/or privacy add-ons/extensions to some browsers to help block tracking requests generally. Search online for options, to see what works best for you.

Lexia has given us a whole school platform which ensures consistency in approach, whilst giving learning matched to each individual pupil...

C. Binmore, Literacy Lead

Littletown Primary School, Devon