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The EEF & Lexia UK are partnering in a new study to build on existing evidence to further examine the impact of Lexia® Core5® Reading on Y2 struggling readers. Used already in 3,500+ schools, Lexia is a technology-led independent learning system which provides personalised practice and instruction in all key skill areas which make a successful reader.  As pupils work independently, Lexia tracks progress and adapts automatically to provide extra practice and instruction. In addition, if required, the system suggests teacher-led practice and instruction through its bank of printable resources.

Although, some schools use Lexia across the age and ability range, it is more commonly used as a targeted intervention for pupils, which is how we will evaluate the program (with selected pupils from Year 2). Pupils can use Lexia with minimal supervision but the teacher or teaching assistant overseeing the programme is expected to monitor pupils’ usage and provide additional support as and when required. The study includes staff training: introductory session plus three webinar-style training sessions per school (up to 1hr 30 each). To ensure implementation best practice, a member of senior management, lead teacher and teachers/TAs delivering Lexia sessions will attend.

Study and Funding Details:

This study is a Randomised Controlled Trial (RCT) in KS1. 224 schools will participate, and half will be allocated to the treatment or control group. The EEF will largely fund the Lexia license with only a small contribution to be made by each school. Control schools will receive a cash payment for participating in the study.

Treatment Schools:

112 schools in the trial will be randomly allocated to deliver Lexia. These schools will be issued with a three-year license for use with up to 50 pupils and will pay £350 inc. VAT to LexiaUK as their school contribution. This represents a discount of 92% as the bulk of the cost will be funded by the EEF.

Control Schools:

112 schools will be randomly allocated to act as control group and will not use Lexia with Year 2 pupils during the trial. These schools will receive £1000 for full participation in the trial, including completing all necessary pupil assessments.

Recruitment is taking place in two cohorts:

  • Cohort I (Sep23-Jul24) – Now complete.
    112 schools will participate and will either delivery the intervention or act as control during Sep2023-Jul2024.
  • Cohort II (Sep24-Jul25) – Now recruiting!
    112 schools will participate and will either delivery the intervention or act as control during Sep2024-Jul2025.


We would like to hear from English primary schools who do not currently hold an active Lexia license. After reading the additional selection criteria in the Memorandum of Understanding below, either complete electronically or download, sign then return to

Lexia/EEF Project Memorandum of Understanding (MOU)

For further information, please contact Dr. Joanne O’Keefe, Queens University Belfast –

'We're so pleased with Lexia and its impact!'

B. Dickinson, Dept. Head Teacher

St Thomas More Catholic Primary School, Peterborough