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With lots of changes on the horizon for students, our focus often shifts to preparing our pupils for their new class or school at this time of year. This important task helps our students enter the new academic year feeling confident and ready to learn!

Here are 5 tips to support transitions this half term

  1. Involve older students – Invite peers to talk about their experiences of their own transition to a new school or class.


  1. Get started now – Make the most of transition day by involving students in the types of activities they will be completing once they join you. For example, introducing your new Year 7 students to Lexia PowerUp now can make literacy sessions run smoother in the new academic year.


  1. Get to know your students – Take the time to learn as much as you can about your new students, their interests, and their abilities. Lexia’s Auto Placement activity offers a quick and easy way to identify any areas students may need to work on in the new school year.


  1. Make sure your students get to know you! – Personalising transition resources and letters with photos and information about their new teacher and classroom can help students feel at ease and demystify their new class.


  1. Provide summer activities to help prepare your new students – Providing your new class with activities over the summer can help them to prepare for life in your class next year. Visit the myLexia Resource Hub for access to Summer Reading Bingo challenges and Reading At Home Activities.