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When it comes to seeing great progress on both Lexia® Core5® Reading and Lexia® PowerUp® Literacy, we can all agree that student motivation plays a big factor! When our pupils can see the tangible progress they are making on Lexia, they are spurred on to succeed even more!

This is why we have created our free downloadable Lexia Loyalty Cards. Simply give students a stamp or a sticker on their card each time they reach an important milestone in their learning journey.

Here are some things that your pupils could earn stamps for:

  • Each time they complete an activity on the program.
  • Completing a 30-minute Lexia session.
  • Finishing a Lexia Skill Builder®.
  • You can award stamps simply for student’s effort and perseverance!


Once pupils earn enough stamps to reach the star, it time to award them a special prize!

Lexia Loyalty cards offer a tangible and visual way for pupils to see those small incremental steps they are making towards literacy success.


Download your very own set of loyalty cards, click the links below:

For Core5 loyalty cards, CLICK HERE.

For PowerUp loyalty cards, CLICK HERE