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This week is World Nursery Rhyme Week, the global initiative that aims to promote nursery rhymes and their importance to early childhood development and education.  Nursery rhymes are more than just catchy tunes and fun verses. They play a pivotal role in enhancing essential reading skills, including phonological awareness, vocabulary and listening comprehension. At LexiaUK, we understand the profound educational benefits of integrating nursery rhymes into a child’s learning journey which is why they feature in the very first level of the Core5® program!


Building Reading Skills

Nursery rhymes are one of our pupils’ first gateways to the world of language and literacy. When children engage with these imaginative rhymes, they develop early reading skills that set the stage for a lifetime of reading enjoyment. The repetition and rhythm of nursery rhymes make them an ideal tool for improving reading fluency, enhancing vocabulary, and nurturing a love for words. Dedicate a portion of your daily classroom schedule to “Rhyme Time.” Encourage students to recite, sing, or even create their own rhymes. This fosters creativity and an understanding of rhythm and rhyme.

Comprehension through Rhymes

One of the key aspects of reading comprehension is understanding the meaning behind the words. Nursery rhymes, with their vivid storytelling and imaginative characters, stimulate a child’s ability to grasp the meaning of words and phrases, and imagine the story. As children recite and sing along, they naturally begin to comprehend the narratives within these traditional rhymes. Use visuals, props, and actions to make nursery rhymes come to life. For “Humpty Dumpty,” consider using a toy or picture of Humpty Dumpty. This helps students visualise the story and improve comprehension further.

Phonological Awareness and Phonics

Nursery rhymes also help children develop essential phonological awareness and phonics skills. The rhyming words and catchy melodies reinforce the connections between sounds and letters, providing a strong foundation for reading and spelling. This early exposure to phonological concepts can significantly boost a child’s literacy development. Organise fun rhyme challenges where pupils can create their own rhymes. This can further promote phonological awareness and can be a fun, competitive activity for the classroom.

Take the Next Step with Lexia Core5 Reading

To further enhance these critical reading skills, consider incorporating Lexia® Core5® Reading into your pupil’s educational journey. Our literacy program is designed to complement the benefits of nursery rhymes by providing personalised, interactive activities that target specific reading skills.

Lexia Core5 Reading offers a comprehensive and adaptive approach to reading instruction. With the program’s engaging activities, children can reinforce their reading skills in a structured and enjoyable manner. Whether it’s enhancing comprehension, building phonological awareness, or strengthening phonics knowledge, Lexia Core5 Reading is a powerful resource to further nurture your pupil’s literacy journey.

For more ideas for how you can incorporate Nursery Rhymes into your classroom, and for a sneak peek into the fantastic resources that Lexia® Reading Skills has to offer, download our sample Lexia Connections Resource by clicking the button below.

Incorporating nursery rhymes into your pupil’s daily routine, coupled with the support of Lexia Core5 Reading, can create a robust foundation for a bright reading future.

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