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Lexia programs are designed to help pupils develop their literacy skills to give them the best chance in life, but we always recommend that pupils read as much as they can to solidify the skills they learn within the program… practice makes perfect!

We’ve put together a list of resources for accessing free books of various styles, genres, and topics, to help pupils broaden their vocabulary and reading comprehension…


Free Kids Books

A US-based site with books for Toddlers, Children, Older Children, and Young Adults and covering Activities & Crafts, Classics, Dinosaurs, Nature and more! Access the site HERE.



There are plenty of books available for free under the Kindle Edition option. (Download the Kindle app or use the browser Kindle Cloud Reader.) Some are also available with Audible Narration – why not download both to listen and follow along?


Oxford Owl

A collection of free eBooks for children aged 3-11, and some great advice for parents, all in one place. Register to get started and filter the library by age, level, book type or series to find something suitable.



Another US-based site, with a great range of books for ages 3-10, with an additional category for ‘Middle Grade’ children (ages 8-12) with a larger vocabulary who are able to manage stories with higher word counts.


Book Trust

A site which offers free interactive books and games to engage reading. Children can use the navigation arrows to turn the pages of the interactive books and read along as the each word is highlighted in turn. They also have a Storytime playlist on YouTube featuring some famous faces.



Best for Secondary aged pupils, the ManyBooks library is full of classics including Alice in Wonderland, The Adventures of Sherlock Homes, Macbeth, Wuthering Heights, Little Women, and The Jungle Book. For avid readers, there are over 50,000 titles to explore.


Barnes & Noble

Choose from over 5000 free eBooks covering early years word & picture books through to YA literature. Create an account, add to your cart and checkout for instant access.



This site has over 100 Children’s Classics available, including A Child’s History of the World and Winnie-the-Pooh. Create an account to access as many as you like.


Lemons and Letters

The owners of this site decided to make their illustrated children’s books available for parents to access for free. Find over 30 Bedtime Stories and Fables to read with your children at home.