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In a recent National Literacy Trust Survey it was found that just 2 in 5 pupils said they enjoyed reading in their free time. With this, it is clear that fostering a love for reading in school is more critical than ever. Encouraging reading for pleasure not only enhances students’ cognitive skills but also sparks their imagination, creativity, and empathy.

Promoting a culture of reading for pleasure within your school requires a multifaceted approach, but it is a journey worth embarking on.

In this article, we will explore 7 strategies to promote reading for pleasure in your school.


Create a Reading-Friendly Environment

Design inviting and cosy reading spaces within the school. Comfortable nooks, libraries, and reading corners can inspire students to pick up a book. Showcase students’ book reviews and creative writing, or artwork relating to books to encourage a sense of pride and community engagement.


Offer a Diverse Book Selection

Provide a wide range of books, magazines, and other reading materials that cater to different interests and reading levels. Recommend engaging titles and help students discover their literary preferences. Variety is the spice of reading life!


Schedule Regular Reading Time

Dedicate time during the school day for independent reading. Encourage students to explore books of their choice during this period. During this time, create a calm and comfortable reading environment that sparks their curiosity.


Establish Book Clubs and Reading Challenges

Organise book clubs, where students can discuss and share their thoughts on the books they’ve read. Implement reading challenges with rewards to make reading fun and competitive. During these challenges, encourage teachers to get involved too, by sharing their own favourite books and demonstrating the joy of exploring new genres. Being a reading role model can make a world of difference!


Involve Parents and Caregivers

Engage parents in the reading journey by organising family reading nights and providing resources for at-home reading. Share reading lists and at-home challenges to reinforce a reading culture beyond the classroom.


Invite Guest Authors and Storytellers

Invite authors and storytellers to the school to spark students’ interest and connect them with the world of books. Book fairs can also be a great way for students to meet local authors and participate in book related activities.


Embrace Digital Resources

Utilise digital literacy programs like Lexia Core5 Reading and Lexia PowerUp Literacy to enhance reading skills while making it engaging and interactive. By breaking reading down into its core skills, Lexia programs can make reading accessible to all students.


Promoting reading for pleasure requires a combination of building students’ confidence and skills while also instilling a lifelong love for reading. By creating an environment that celebrates books, offering diverse reading materials, and using innovative resources like Lexia Core5 Reading and Lexia PowerUp Literacy, we can cultivate the next generation of avid readers. The joy of reading is a gift that keeps on giving, shaping minds and enriching lives for years to come.


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