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The festive season is upon us, and what better way to celebrate than by infusing the festive spirit into your classroom literacy activities? Christmas-themed literacy exercises not only engage students but also make learning more enjoyable.


Here are 5 Christmas-themed literacy activities to keep your pupils reading all the way up to the end of term:


1. Santa’s Spelling Workshop

Transform your classroom into Santa’s Spelling Workshop by organising a spelling competition with a festive twist. Include words related to Christmas, winter and festive traditions. To add an extra layer of excitement, you can offer small rewards or certificates to the winners.


2. Christmas Story Writing Contest

Encourage creativity and imagination by hosting a Christmas story writing contest. Students can craft their own festive tales, incorporating characters like Rudolph, Santa, or even mischievous elves. Display the winning stories in the school library to showcase the budding literary talents of your students.


3. Seasonal Poetry Contest

Introduce the art of poetry by organising a seasonal poetry contest. Students can compose and perform poems that capture the essence of Christmas, winter landscapes, or their own experiences. This activity not only hones their literacy skills but also builds confidence in public speaking.


4. Festive Book Club

Start a festive book club where students can choose and read Christmas-themed books together. This not only promotes reading but also encourages thoughtful discussions about the plot, characters, and themes. Consider inviting local authors or storytellers to share their festive tales with the students.


5. Elf on the Grammar Shelf

Create an “Elf on the Shelf” inspired grammar game. Place a mischievous elf figurine in different spots around the classroom, each time with a note containing a sentence with a grammatical error. Challenge students to find and correct the error, turning it into a fun and interactive grammar lesson.

Embracing the festive season in your literacy activities adds a touch of joy and enthusiasm to the learning environment. These Christmas-themed activities not only promote literacy skills but also foster a love for reading and writing.

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Merry Christmas and happy reading!