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COVID 19 & Remote Literacy Learning

Customer Reminder

This is a reminder to our customers that Lexia literacy skills programs are available for home use and this feature is included in your package.  If you have not already done so, please consider Lexia as part of your mitigation planning.

Why?  Lexia can provide a highly structured, consistent and personalised approach to literacy skills development and is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Pupils learn independently and can be monitored remotely by staff via

Please check with your school’s Lexia Coordinator the following:

  • Are all available licenses being utilised?
  • Are pupils already accessing Lexia from home, or does this need rolling out?
  • Targeted pupils are added to the myLexia administrator portal.
  • Pupils and teachers know their login details.

Details of school to home set-up (including letters to parents and technical specs) can be found on your myLexia portal under the Resources section.  Your school’s Lexia coordinator will have access, but if you have any questions or support needs, please do not hesitate to call our Implementation & Support Team on 0191 4821939, or email

To say that the children are engaged is an understatement; I have never witnessed a class of children of all abilities become so immersed in a reading program. The children love to be rewarded for their efforts and cannot wait to receive their next certificate, this also spurs on their peers too! We would not be without Lexia now.

Briony Smith, Teacher and Lexia Co-ordinator

Ann Edwards Primary School, Cirencester