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Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Lexia Evaluation Report on KS1 Struggling Readers:

‘Children offered Lexia made the equivalent of two additional months’ progress in reading, on average, compared to other children. These results have a high security rating’

In addition, subgroup analysis on FSM pupils represented an effect of three months’ additional progress.

To read the full report, click here.

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® – a cost-effective solution

PowerUp® helps educators simultaneously address gaps in fundamental literacy skills while helping students build the higher-order skills they need to comprehend, analyse, evaluate, and compare increasingly complex literary and informational texts. Blending online student-driven explicit instruction with offline teacher-delivered lessons and activities, Lexia PowerUp® empowers secondary teachers, regardless of their background or expertise in reading, to deliver the exact instruction each student needs to become a proficient reader.

Technology-led Lexia provides an affordable and scalable solution.

With PowerUp Literacy®, you will be able to:

  • Address the instructional needs of a wide range of reader profiles.
  • Engage, challenge, and motivate students to take ownership of their learning
  • Help students develop the skills they need to succeed in their studies

Program Structure:

What differentiates Lexia products from ed-tech games or test prep programs is the incorporation of a structured and systematic approach to literacy instruction that builds upon prior learning in a sequential manner—from simple to complex, ultimately reducing dependency on the teacher and transitioning responsibility to the student.

PowerUp Literacy® initially assesses students’ reading abilities and automatically places them at the appropriate level in 3 Study Strands:

  • Word study – targets gaps in basic reading skills and develops academic vocabulary.
  • Grammar – improves written composition and reading comprehension.
  • Comprehension– teaches the skills required for higher order text analysis.

Once placed, students work independently on each strand where they can monitor progress on their personal dashboard.  To support independent learning and maximise time on the program, Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® Reading can be used at home and is available on multiple devices including iPad®.