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Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Lexia Evaluation Report on KS1 Struggling Readers:

‘Children offered Lexia made the equivalent of two additional months’ progress in reading, on average, compared to other children. These results have a high security rating’

In addition, subgroup analysis on FSM pupils represented an effect of three months’ additional progress.

To read the full report, click here.

We’re having problems with Lexia freezing – why is this happening and how can I fix it?

The most common reason that may cause Lexia to freeze is related to any security filters that may be in place on your school servers. You can use our Whitelisting Document to support you ICT technicians in ensuring that all of the relevant areas are unblocked. If the problem persists, you can get in touch with our Technical Support Team by email on or by telephone on 0800 883 0770.

I want to arrange a parents’ evening to encourage home use – do you have any resources we could use?

A parents’ evening can be a great way to introduce Lexia in school and to encourage and empower parents to introduce its use at home. You can find plenty of resources on MyLexia that can help you with this. Simply log in to MyLexia and visit the ‘Resources’ section. Here you can find videos, letters and other materials to support your parents evening. Our Customer Care team can also send you a PowerPoint which can assist in helping you to introduce Lexia to your parents and explain what it is all about. You can contact our customer care team for this and any advice by email at or by telephone on 0191 482 19 39.


Our customer care team are here to help with any questions- big or small. You can contact them on 0191 482 1939 or by emailing