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Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Lexia Evaluation Report on KS1 Struggling Readers:

‘Children offered Lexia made the equivalent of two additional months’ progress in reading, on average, compared to other children. These results have a high security rating’

In addition, subgroup analysis on FSM pupils represented an effect of three months’ additional progress.

To read the full report, click here.

Our Customer Care team have been asked lots of questions this month, below are the two most frequently asked:

I really want to engage parents to ensure students are using the program at home – do you have any suggestions?

Why not send our School to Home letters to parents or arrange a short demonstration of the program at a Parents’ Evening?  The letters are available in the ‘Resources’ area of myLexia.

When students are up and running with the program, parental reports can be generated from myLexia by clicking on a class on the main school dashboard, choosing the ‘Class Reports’ tab at the top left-hand side of the screen and then hovering over the ‘Print’ tab on the bottom left of the screen. From here, choose ‘Multiple Reports’, select your students and choose the Parent Report. It would be good practise to send these home on a termly basis to show how their child is progressing.

There are also other reports available here to present at progress meetings and help quickly support your priority students.

Do I have access to Core 5 and Strategies? How can I change a student from one program to the other?

There may be some occasions where you feel that a student may benefit more from one Lexia program than another. In the manage tab, click the edit pencil next to the student that you want to change. You can then click ‘Program’ along the top and select your desired program. Be advised, that this will delete the progress that the student has made in the previous program.