Teaching Maths Concepts

The Symphony Maths software program helps students develop a solid foundation in number concepts and maths operations.


Prevent, Remediate and Enhance

Symphony Math is a program which helps students connect the big ideas in mathematics.  Big ideas are building blocks for mathematicians.  As they learn new concepts, students build on previous foundational concepts to help them understand and master new material.

Conceptual Understanding

Symphony Math is an instructional tool that helps students understand math at a conceptual level.  Visual tools including Dot cards, Number Lines and Counting Bars are used to develop understanding of each big idea, these skills are then applied to traditional number sentences and used to solve real-world problems.

Adaptive Branching

Symphony Math identifies individual needs and adapts to each student’s level of conceptual understanding, learning style, contextual proficiency, and content mastery. As the student progresses and masters each big idea, the program presents increasingly complex challenges to them.


Symphony math promotes fast recall and fluency through repetitive practice of basic addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

For further information, please see the Symphony Learning site (this link will take you away from the Lexia UK site).