Lexia Lessons™ - Printable lesson plans and worksheets

Assessment without Testing

mylexia is our administrative and reporting website for use with Lexia reading Core5 and Lexia Strategies. This embedded assessment system, provides educators with actionable, diagnostic performance data without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test.  This lowers expenditures on assessments and reduces instructional time.

Lexia monitors performance and evidences progression for accountability purposes.  myLexia will generate data driven, easy-to-read reports which track student and teacher usage, identify skills gaps and measure progress.  Accessed by web browser, data can be viewed on-the-go with our myLexia itunes app.

Skill Builders

Skill builder worksheets provide further reinforcement on the skills mastered within the program and can be delivered one to one, in small groups or practiced together as a whole class. These activities are designed to build automaticity on skills that have been mastered in the online activities and expand students’ expressive skills through discussions and written responses.

Lesson Plans

Based on performance in the program, Lexia provides targeted instructional materials – Lexia Lessons, for students who may require additional support. These can be printed anytime according to individual or group need.

Lesson plans can support those teachers who are not familiar in delivering reading skills lessons or can simply enhance existing practice by reinforcing the skills learnt on the software.