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Lexia Reading Core5 is an essential component of every reading curriculum

Lexia Reading Core5 provides explicit, systematic, personalised learning in the six areas of reading instruction. The embedded assessment and progress monitoring features deliver performance data and analysis without interrupting the flow of instruction for testing.

Designed to support the teaching of essential reading skills, this research-proven, technology-based approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students’ year-end performance and provides teachers with data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.

Lexia Reading Core5 expands upon the scope of award-winning Lexia Reading and covers the six areas of reading for students of all abilities in Reception – Y6. Any students in Y7 and above will use Lexia Strategies. Learn more about Lexia Strategies.

Helping Students Master Foundational Reading Skills

“Our pupils are loving the new Lexia Core5, pupils who previously were not keen to use the program are now asking me when is it their turn.  Thanks for all your help with the very smooth transition.”   ICT Coordinator, Holt Farm Junior School, Essex

Lexia Reading Core5 provides students immediate corrective feedback, multiple levels of scaffolding, and explicit instruction both online and through direct instruction with the teacher.

Students work independently to develop reading skills in a structured, sequential manner with a focus on:

  • Foundational skills to develop automaticity and fluency
  • Listening and reading comprehension with complex text
  • Academic vocabulary to improve comprehension

Each student follows a personalised learning path, with adaptive placement and a new three step instructional branching mode which provides immediate corrective feedback and targeted instruction.

Teachers are provided with data-driven action plans – unique to each student, that are simple to interpret and drive differentiated instruction.

Within the first month of use, teachers will know each student’s probability of meeting end-of-year, attainment targets, and will receive the recommended resources and intensity of instruction necessary to change the trajectory for at-risk students.

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