Lexia Reading

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Lexia Reading Core5 and Lexia PowerUp provide scalable, personalised learning to students of all ages and abilities without impacting on teaching time and resources.  Our software ensures teachers and students are supported in the following areas to allow goals to be met:

  • Due to the computer led nature of the reading programme, explicit, systematic learning is delivered consistently.
  • Assessment without Testing: real time, actionable data is provided as pupils work independently. This informs planning and evidences the effectiveness of the intervention, allowing resources to be allocated appropriately.
  • Our Auto Placement feature, allows large groups of students to be levelled at the correct starting point within the program. This is achieved by the student independently taking a short user-friendly assessment.
  • Independent personalised learning: using Intelligent Branching technology, Lexia Reading™ adapts to offer additional support wherever a student struggles. Teachers are informed, and appropriate paper-based activities are suggested from within the system if instruction is required.
  • Recording: Progress reports are provided at school, class or individual level to help track the effectiveness of your reading curriculum and direct targeted instruction. Lexia provides a set of consistent measures between classes or even clusters of schools.

Delivery and Support:

  • Lexia is web-enabled, allowing pupils to access the software seamlessly between school and home.
  • Home use lessens pressure on time to access the software over the busy school day. It also enables the delivery of a structured reading programme over holiday periods.
  • Lexia reports are available on iPhone and iPad
  • Software purchases are supported with online training and technical support
  • In our ongoing commitment to customers we provide a level of enhanced support for the first 12 months from purchase, to ensure strong implementation and maximise return on investment

Students receive instant feedback as they progress through assigned activities.