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Lexia’s personalised learning model – an integrated system of three component parts:

Independent student-driven learning: Students work independently to develop critical reading and language skills through individualised, motivating learning paths. All students, regardless of their skill level, can work at their own pace.

Ongoing data to drive instructional priorities: As students work independently in the browser-based activities of Lexia’s instructional programs, real-time performance data is collected. Teachers can access data reports online through their myLexia accounts.  Reports are delivered at three levels: school, class and student.

Paper-based resources for face-to-face instruction: Teachers have the resources they need for face-to-face instruction and independent student practice. Based on student data, Lexia recommends specific paper-based resources for individual and group instruction that fit flexibly into existing classroom routines. Ready to print, resources include scripted lesson plans, worksheets, flashcards and printable comprehension exercises.

Core5: Scope & Sequence

Lexia® Core5® Reading provides all students, from at-risk to on-level and advanced, a systematic and structured approach to the six areas of reading, covering early phonological to advanced comprehension skills. The program creates personalised learnings paths for each student through an adaptive placement and scaffolded activities.


"Our children LOVE Lexia! Every child who accesses the program has made progress. They really enjoy gaining the certificates and moving on to the next level."

Denise Samuels, Assistant Head Teacher

Alma Park Primary School, Manchester