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Lexia Product Features

Personalised learning

Lexia products are centred on a personalised approach to learning that gives students more control over the time, place, path, and pace of their learning.  To some, the term “personalised learning” is simply the incorporation of technology to give students more control over their educational experience. Technology can be a key component of a personalised learning approach, but it cannot stand alone.

Lexia believes personalised learning is a combination of effective, teacher-led instruction combined with an interactive, user-centric experience that supports the varying cognitive abilities of all students. With Lexia, teachers can see detailed, real-time reports that help prioritise and differentiate instruction, allowing students to develop critical reading skills at their own pace.

Structured and systematic

What differentiates Lexia products from ed-tech games or test prep programs is the incorporation of a structured and systematic approach to literacy instruction that builds upon prior learning in a sequential manner—from simple to complex, ultimately reducing dependency on the teacher and transitioning responsibility to the student.


Due to its technology-based approach, Lexia provides a scalable solution, allowing educators to support all pupils – regardless of ability.

Assessment Without Testing

As students work independently in the online activities of Lexia’s instructional programs, real-time performance data is collected through Lexia’s patented embedded assessment tool, Assessment Without Testing®. Here, educators can access data reports online through their myLexia browser-based accounts.

Evidencing progress

In this day and age of accountability, Lexia provides instant progress reports at school, class or individual level.  Lexia has been used successfully by many schools in targeting ‘hard to reach’ groups including Pupil Premium cohorts.  Lexia reports are easy to access and interpret.  Most information can be exported or printed automatically.

Home Use

Lexia is browser-based, allowing pupils to access the program seamlessly between school and home.  Home use reduces the need to deliver Lexia during the school day. Also, it is excellent for setting structured, personalised literacy homework, such as over holiday periods.

Delivery and Support

LexiaUK prides itself on the level of customer support it provides.  Dedicated teams will assist your school in initial set-up, training and implementation.  Ongoing, we provide further training sessions, along with telephone and technical support for the duration of your contract.  Lexia products are available on iPad® and many other devices.  The teacher management dashboard can be accessed through the myLexia® app.

Primary Schools

Lexia® Core5® Reading - a complete solution:

Lexia® Core5® Reading supports primary school educators in providing differentiated instruction for pupils of all abilities (R–Y6). Lexia’s research-proven program provides explicit, systematic, personalised learning in the five areas of reading instruction.

Lexia’s truly personalised approach targets skill gaps as they emerge, providing time-pressed teachers with the data and student-specific resources they need for individual or small-group instruction.

Secondary Schools

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy®

Lexia® PowerUp Literacy® is designed to help students in Years 7 and above become proficient readers, confident learners and GCSE-ready.

PowerUp Literacy® primarily targets Key Stage 3 pupils who lack the basic reading, academic vocabulary and the comprehension skills necessary to fully access and engage in the secondary curriculum. PowerUp Literacy® can also be used for those in Key Stage 4 who require similar support.

"If you can imagine all the initiatives, resources and programs that are out there where companies try to put a hard sell on us and then have very little after sale support, you [Lexia] blow them out of the water. Your manner and genuine support mean a lot to us."


Goodwick School, Pembrokeshire