Lexia software is extremely effective in accelerating reading skills and closing the reading gap for those who have fallen behind. The greatest gains are achieved when the Three Best Practice Goals are met:

The 3 Lexia Best Practice Goals:

  1. Students are timetabled to interact with the software (typically 3 x 20 min/week).
  2. Teachers utilise reports to monitor student performance (typically once/week).
  3. If necessary, students receive additional practice based on their performance (lesson plans and worksheets are provided by the system).
Lexia Reading Skills Process

Please follow the link to our resources page where helpful implementation documents are available for printing.

Staffing Roles & Responsibilities

We advise the following structure:

Implementation Role Diagram

Next Steps: Developing Lexia in your School and the Wider Community:

Once your initial systems and routines have been established you should now consider maximising Lexia’s potential by rolling it out to other groups. For example; primary schools could work towards using Lexia preventatively, ensuring all KS1 pupils receive regular Lexia sessions. Secondary schools can build in additional groups including ‘just below level’, ELL and summer school students. In consultation with LexiaUK, roll out can be extended to feeder or federated schools.

Please use the diagram below to help identify those cohorts whom you may wish to target over the duration of your license:

Implementation License Timeline

Please follow the link to our resources page where helpful documents are available for printing.