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Customer Reminder

This is a reminder to our customers that Lexia literacy skills programs are available for home use and this feature is included in your package.

With the potential of schools being closed for a significant period of time over the coming weeks, please consider Lexia as part of your mitigation planning.

Why?  Lexia can provide a highly structured, consistent and personalised approach to literacy skills development and is suitable for all ages and abilities.  Pupils learn independently and can be monitored remotely by staff via

Please check with your school’s Lexia Coordinator the following:

  • Are all available licenses being utilised?
  • Are pupils already accessing Lexia from home, or does this need rolling out?
  • Targeted pupils are added to the myLexia administrator portal.
  • Pupils and teachers know their login details.

Details of school to home set-up (including letters to parents and technical specs) can be found on your myLexia portal under the Resources section.  Your school’s Lexia coordinator will have access, but if you have any questions or support needs, please do not hesitate to call our Implementation & Support Team on 0191 4821939, or email

Free Licenses Requests

Since school closures were announced, we have had numerous requests from schools and parents regarding the provision of free licenses over the school closure period.  At this point in time, with regret, we are unable to provide open access to Lexia for the following reasons:

  • Like any other business, we are dealing with internal operational issues (office closure, homeworking and self-isolation). The result is that we are well under operational capacity and do not feel confident in granting free use of Lexia products at this time.
  • Setting up or adjusting an individual customer account requires a number of manual operations to be completed – unfortunately, it is not simply a case of flicking a switch, which may be the case for more basic and less personalised online offerings. At this point in time, with 3000+ active customers and limited operational resources, we do not feel confident providing unlimited access.
  • With the operational capacity we do have, we are focussing on ensuring customers are utilising their existing packages fully. We feel 100% confident in providing this level of support over this challenging period.

We hope you understand this difficult decision and you bear with us in these challenging times.

If you have any questions – please contact us on 0191 482 1939 as we are happy to take your details and contact you if the situation changes.

"I firmly believe that the program helped and supported Year 6 to get the great results which they achieved in all areas of the English related SATs."

Kelly Bewick, Y6 teacher

St John's Primary School, Newcastle