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Low performing secondary school students using Lexia make significant gains in reading development.

According to the Skills for Life National Needs and Impact Survey, DfE, 2003, over half of the adult population, and by extrapolation, over half our school leavers, cannot read proficiently. These statistics indicate that many secondary school students would benefit from remediation reading instruction. Intervention at Primary level simply does not reach all the children who need it.

Unfortunately, at Secondary level, very little emphasis is placed on phonics, vocabulary and word attack skills, which provide the building blocks for reading fluency and comprehension. Many secondary school students lack these vital skills, and so their frustration increases as they are expected to build more and more upon already unstable foundations. The key to successful remediation is to target the areas of reading weaknesses and focus attention on these areas with repeated practice and reinforcement. By focusing reading instruction on specific gaps in skill mastery, students are more able to catch up with their peers.

Lexia is a highly personalised reading program, older students can independently practice and master basic reading skills such as phonics, vocabulary and comprehension without embarrassment.