Phonics Led Software for Primary Schools

Lexia significantly improves reading outcomes in Years R - 3, as proven in scientifically-based research.

Lexia is designed to support classroom instruction by providing children with individualised, independent practice in the six essential areas of reading instruction including; phonological awareness, phonics, structural awareness, automaticity, fluency, vocabulary and comprehension.

Students develop the basic reading skills they will rely on and use throughout their lives in Reception and KS1. Research demonstrates that pupils who struggle with phonological skills in early years are typically at risk of reading failure by Year 5. Furthermore, the successful remediation of older students with reading difficulties is much more challenging than a successful intervention with students in their first years of schooling.

Reading Skills

Young children who have not developed accurate and rapid word reading skills by the end of Key Stage 2 are caught in a pattern of repeated failures. They also exhibit high levels of frustration and, ultimately, lose their motivation to read. Given that all school subject areas require reading skills for academic success, the reading failure these students experience undermines their learning capacity and limits their educational growth across their life span.

“All in all, we have been really impressed with Lexia as a package. We would certainly recommend it to others. As part of a range of very successful interventions, Lexia has undoubtedly worked for our children and we plan to incorporate it accordingly into our future provision.”  

Head Teacher, Whale Hill Primary School