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Education Endowment Foundation (EEF) Lexia Evaluation Report on KS1 Struggling Readers:

‘Children offered Lexia made the equivalent of two additional months’ progress in reading, on average, compared to other children. These results have a high security rating’

In addition, subgroup analysis on FSM pupils represented an effect of three months’ additional progress.

To read the full report, click here.

One Literacy Skills Solution:

Due to its broad scope and sequence, and a high level of personalisation Lexia provides schools with one solution – eliminating the need for purchasing and managing multiple literacy products.  Lexia software packages include both the primary and secondary school programs to allow for full flexibility.

Primary schools: 

Lexia® Core5® Reading, the company’s award-winning flagship product, has set the standard for technology-based reading instruction by providing explicit, systematic, personalised learning on fundamental literacy skills for primary pupils of all abilities. Lexia® Core5® Reading begins with practice and instruction in early foundational reading skills, progressing to advanced vocabulary and comprehension.  Therefore, not only can Lexia be used as a ‘catch-up’ tool but Lexia will accelerate the reading skills of all abilities.

Due to its broad scope and sequence of activities, Lexia provides ONE personalised solution for primary-age pupils in:

  • Phonological Awareness
  • Phonics
  • Fluency
  • Vocabulary
  • Comprehension (foundational to advanced KS2+)
  • Spelling Rules

Secondary Schools: 

PowerUp Literacy® primarily targets Key Stage 3 pupils who lack the essential reading, academic vocabulary and the comprehension skills necessary to fully access and engage in the secondary curriculum.  Enabling GCSE readiness, Lexia PowerUp Literacy® can also be used for those in Key Stage 4 who require similar support.

  • Word study – targets gaps in basic reading skills and develops academic vocabulary.
  • Grammar – improves written composition and reading comprehension.
  • Comprehension– teaches the skills required for higher-order text analysis.


Lexia’s auto-placement function automatically places pupils at their appropriate starting point within the program.  Student data is easy to access and simple to interpret.  While students are working independently in the online activities, Lexia’s patented embedded assessment system, Assessment Without Testing®, provides educators with actionable performance data without interrupting the flow of instruction to administer a test. Reports can be produced at school, class and student level.

Paper-based Resources: 

In addition to Lexia’s actionable real-time reports, the system provides offline (paper-based) resources to support teacher-led instruction – all personalised to the pupil or group needs. These include:

  • 300+ Scripted lesson plans – ideal for LSAs to deliver.
  • 300+ Worksheets – Skill Builder resources allow skills to be applied offline.
  • Achievement certificates – to celebrate success.
  • Training resources (including video) – upskills staff and reduces training costs.