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Free Trial Offer:

Please take a few moments to consider the cost benefits below.  If after reading them, you are not convinced of Lexia’s worth, we urge you to make a fully informed purchasing decision by taking out an online demonstration or 30-day trial offer.  We also encourage you to visit local Lexia schools, get in touch with our Partner Schools or visit our testimonials page for first-hand information.

Also bear in mind:

  • 70% of our customers got in touch through colleague recommendations
  • The Education Endowment Fund (EEF) views Lexia as a ‘promising program’ (full effectiveness study due Spring 2021)
  • Over 3,000 UK schools choose Lexia as a literacy skills solution
  • Over 1,000,000 students use Lexia’s programs worldwide.


Prevention: Lexia targets skills gaps as they emerge – saving money on costly interventions.

A scalable resource: With Lexia, there is a reduced need for small group and one-to-one teaching.  As much of the drill, practise and differentiation is automatically delivered, teachers can reach far more children than a small group or one-to-one strategies alone.  Per pupil, the cost is very realistic and affordable.

Consistency: Lexia’s technological solution consistently delivers an evidenced structure of activities and only moves on when the individual pupil is ready to do so.  You can be confident that the methods taught are based on the latest research and are delivered at the correct level and pace.  This can be very supportive of schools who do not have the funds to buy-in experienced literacy specialists.

Minimal training required: Traditional approaches usually involve costly staff training days which can be challenging to deliver in a busy school schedule.  This investment can erode when staff move on to new roles or leave school.  Lexia’s training is delivered conveniently online.  Self-guided / recorded training sessions are available for refresher sessions and onboarding new staff.  LexiaUK also includes additional training sessions at no extra cost over the duration of your license.

Reusable licenses: Student licenses can be reused after a pupil completes the program or the teacher deems the required standard is met, adding further value to your investment.

Easy to monitor and manage: One teacher or LSA can comfortably monitor a class of up to thirty individuals, enabling greater impact.

What are the costs?

Due to the wide-ranging needs of our customers, LexiaUK consults with schools individually.  Please contact us on 0191 482 1939.  Price per pupil can be as little as £25 per pupil – a small fraction of the per capita or Pupil Premium budget.

If you have students who require literacy support, we urge you to get in touch!

We have been delighted with the progress made by our pupils and can see the benefit in continuing with whole year groups as well as using it for targeted interventions.

Katy Rushby, SENCO

Ellison Boulters Church of England Academy