Reading Software for Colleges and Further Education tutors

Supporting older learners accelerate the acquisition of essential reading skills:

Lexia Strategies is specifically designed to meet the needs of older students and adults learning to read.  It is used throughout the U.K. and abroad to support FE students, as well as adults in adult education programs, community centres, ELL education programs and prisons. With a mature user interface and a range of content that covers basic reading skills such as phonological awareness as well as more advanced decoding skills, vocabulary development and comprehension activities, Lexia Strategies can accelerate basic skills acquisition for people of all ages and abilities, helping them become proficient readers.

“I am a teacher with 25 years of teaching experience, of which 15 years have been spent working with adults with dyslexia. I am also dyslexic myself. I usually view technology with trepidation, however, I feel that ‘Lexia UK’ is a most impressive teaching system and it has generated an enthusiastic response from me because I believe that I can use the system to help many of the adults with whom I work.” Tutor, Birmingham College of Further Education

“Our main aim is to make the students independent. Lexia is self-checking and fun, but not overly childish, which is good. Some other programs are appropriate in their content, but not their presentation, as they are not designed specifically for mature learners, as Lexia is. Not many of our students are PC-literate, so we start them on a mouse-use program when they first enroll and this is sufficient PC training for them to be able to use Lexia proficiently.”

The Newcastle Basic Skills Service, Principal Tutor, Chris Murray